Contrary to the adrenaline-fueled scenes we often witness in movies, the world of medical assistance is far more nuanced than leaping from helicopters during emergencies! At MedResQ, our role goes beyond these dramatic moments and involves meticulous planning, collaboration with medical professionals, and comprehensive support to ensure the well-being of patients. Here is a deeper explanation of what we do that may reshape your perception of medical assistance. 


Our work starts before the patient even needs our support! 

We continually work with our clients and international partners to carefully plan and consider how we can respond to medical emergencies well before they happen. From ensuring we have the right partners and medical providers in key locations to identify the best hospitals to receive different medical conditions. Once we are notified of an incident, our patient journey begins with a thorough initial assessment. We liaise with local doctors, consider whether the patient is in a safe and suitable facility and assess the likely progression and complexity of the condition. This calm and considered approach with careful planning sets the stage for successful medical interventions and repatriations later on.    

We carefully evaluate patient diagnoses and treatment plans. 

We take pride in providing precise and detailed medical reports for our clients. Attention to detail and asking the right questions reduce the risk of failed repatriations and adverse outcomes for the patient. Our dedicated medical team works closely with clinical specialists to ensure accurate evaluations and that all management plans are in the patient’s best interests. Is this the right place to do such an operation? What are the risks of moving a patient? Is it better for them to remain where they are or for an expedited evacuation or repatriation? 

We support patient transfers by air, sea and road. 

Once we fully understand the patient’s condition and prognosis, it is key that we have a full range of patient transfer options at our disposal. From arranging additional airport wheelchair support with a comfortable business class seat to providing medical escorts or arranging dedicated air ambulances. We will coordinate and recommend the safest and most appropriate means of travel for the patient.  

Family engagement is a huge part of our role. 

Being away from home and family may significantly affect how well a patient responds to treatment. They may have concerns over money, childcare or their career. At MedResQ, we work hard to ensure that everyone involved in the patient’s recovery is well-informed and communicated. Using our best knowledge, we can act as a go-between for doctors and medical teams and translate this into ‘family friendly’ explanations and timescales. 

Our support doesn’t always stop once a patient gets home! 

MedResQ provides a comprehensive claims management service. Depending on the client’s liabilities and coverage, we can extend a seamless level of support once a patient returns home by arranging follow-up treatments and admissions and managing medical expenses until the patient reaches full recovery or the client’s obligations for support are fully met.