MedResQ has partnered with the UK’s leading online psychiatric service, Psychiatry UK, to uniquely provide specialist remote mental health support to travellers and employees, anywhere in the world.


The availability and accessibility of high-quality mental health support is hugely variable and often very limited, even in seemingly more developed nations. Those who find themselves suffering a mental health crisis whilst overseas will often find it difficult to get access to the specialist care and support they need.


For medical assistance companies, the management and repatriation of mental health cases can be made particularly challenging by the lack of quality medical information and in-depth assessment of a patient’s condition and stability. The partnership means that MedResQ will work closely with specially trained Consultant Psychiatrists at Psychiatry UK – through remote video consultations and assessments – to help guide treatment of patients and assess the potential risks for air travel.


The specialist medical assistance team at MedResQ can then ensure the safe repatriation and continuation of support, including follow up care and treatment in the patient’s home country if required.


MedResQ Managing Director Adam Hickman said of the new partnership:


This unique collaboration is the result of months of careful planning and cross learning between the medical staff at Psychiatry UK and MedResQ. Each organisation brings a unique skillset to help ensure the highest level of support for our mental health patients. This cooperation is in response to a growing demand and awareness in travel and insurance industries for better mental health support for those working away from home.


Dr Andy Montgomery, co-founder and Chairman, from Psychiatry UK said:


It can be extremely challenging to access specially trained and expert psychiatric care when travelling with work. Our Consultant Psychiatrists are able to support a broad range of conditions from substance abuse and eating disorders to ADHD and dementia. Psychiatry UK’s online service already supports tens of thousands of patients in the UK. By partnering with MedResQ, which provides specialist knowledge and expertise in international healthcare and medical logistics, we are able to provide a unique mental health solution to MedResQ’s community of travellers.