Repatriation on a commercial flight with one of our highly experienced flight medics.

Escorted Repatriation

Enabling a patient to return home to their family and friends is always important, but when a patient is many thousands of miles from home this can add an additional layer of concern to both the patient as well as their family, friends or their employer.

At Med ResQ we have a dedicated and caring team of highly skilled doctors and nurses who specialise in escorting patients on commercial flights. Our escorts are able to manage all of the logistical and care needs, both on the ground and in flight, thereby reducing the anxiety for the patient and improving their journey home.

Once our medical team has evaluated the case they will advise what type of escort or escorts are required, which will be based on the medical complexity of the case or the transfer distance.

All but the most complex patients can be repatriated on a commercial flight and at Med ResQ we are able to provide comprehensive medical equipment, stretchers and oxygen in order to give the patient a safe and comfortable transfer. We work closely with airlines to ensure that the airline medical clearance process is followed so that the airline is able to assist our team to care for the patient in flight.

At the end of the repatriation our escort/s will either hand the patient over to the receiving clinical team or assist with their transfer home.

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Our Service

  • Experienced and caring doctors and nurses
  • Insured, indemnified and vetted
  • Affiliated to professional regulatory bodies
  • Trained to international standards
  • Medical equipment provided
  • Patient centred escort provision
  • Highly competitive fees