How we handle a repatriation is a decision that is made on a case-by-case basis. Just a few of the considerations when planning an escorted repatriation are:
  • The patient’s clinical condition and stability
  • Any medications or additional clinical needs
  • Airport transfers and wheelchair requirements
  • The length of journey and number of flight sectors
  • Any local laws, rules or immigration formalities
  • Patients mobility and care needs
  • The patient’s age, weight and general health
  • The patient’s psychological state and travel confidence

Ensuring the patient’s safety during the flight, managing their medical condition in transit, and providing continuous monitoring and care are of course critical.

Here are a few of the less obvious responsibilities of a Medical Escort!

Ethical support 
Navigating the legal requirements of different jurisdictions is essential in medical repatriation. Each country has its own regulations regarding patient transport and medical care, requiring expertise to ensure compliance. Ethical considerations include respecting patient autonomy, securing informed consent, and addressing cultural sensitivities. Balancing these ethical duties with legal obligations is crucial for a smooth repatriation process.
Airport Administration Support 
Medical Escorts often assist patients in navigating through customs and security checkpoints. They communicate with airport security to facilitate a smooth process, especially when carrying medical equipment or medications that require special handling. This could be down to arranging transportation through the airports or even making a call on where in the airport it’s best to wait for a flight to ensure the best experience for a passenger.
Travel Disruption
A Medical Escort may be required to navigate travel delays, flight cancellations or airport disruption. Medical Escorts must be confident and highly experienced travellers to ensure they can remain patient-focused during any all too common disruptions that face air travellers on a regular basis.
Emotional Support 
Medical escorts frequently provide emotional support to patients and their families, acting as advocates for a patient who may otherwise have been alone in a strange country, hotel or hospital. They become a friendly, trusted face who can offer reassurance, alleviate anxieties about travel and medical issues, and serve as a calming presence during what can be a stressful experience.
Legal and Documentation Help 
Our medical escorts are also responsible for handling extensive documentation, including medical records, legal forms, and consent documents. They ensure all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and filed correctly, crucial for both patient safety and compliance with legal regulations.