Cally Heffernan

Cally is a senior registered nurse with specialist experience in Critical Care, Burns, Plastics and Head and Neck Oncology. She has a keen interest in transfer medicine sparked by the necessity for regular inter and intra-hospital transfers whilst working in the critical care environment.

Cally is passionate about global health matters and supports charity-based projects in remote, low socio-economic and underdeveloped areas of the world, such as West and North Africa. Exposure to life in extreme environments, with very little infrastructural development or educated personnel has enhanced her ability to be resourceful when seeking medical provisions for those in need.

Having worked in various customer-facing roles prior to becoming a nurse, Cally is keen to improve patient experience by going over and above to meet the needs of those she is working with. Cally initially joined the Med ResQ team during the Covid-19 pandemic in response to increased demand for remote support of Covid patients alongside her role in critical care. She has later become a Medical Case Manager.