Louise has worked with MedResQ since 2017 as a Case Management Nurse, but her career began in 2006 and has taken her from Scotland to St Helena, Kosovo, Mali and the Falkland Islands. Outside of work you’ll find Louise on an adventure trip, travelling, snorkelling or enjoying time with friends and family but we caught up with her to learn more about her role, what inspires her and how she got started in the medical profession.  

Can you tell us about your career in a nutshell?  

I qualified in 2006 in Scotland and began my career in the hospital in Aberdeen, specializing in anaesthetics and scrub nursing in the operating theatres.  


In 2009, I had a unique opportunity to work in the Falkland Islands for four months, and that experience ignited my passion for nursing in remote environments. The small operating theatre, with its challenges and variety of responsibilities, sparked a real passion for this kind of resourceful nursing. My work ever since has taken me to various locations, each presenting its own set of challenges and rewards.  


There have been stints in Guernsey, back to the Falkland Islands on many occasions, a challenging assignment in Uganda focused on obstetric theatres, overseeing the operating theatre in St. Helena and I’ve contributed to military contracting efforts, setting up small health facilities in Kosovo, Mali, and other regions.  I also worked on Britannia for P&O as one of the cruise ship nurses on a locum contract for them, before working on a refugee camp in the Indian Ocean for the British government. Then at the start of 2023, I joined MedResQ.  



What does your role with MedResQ entail? 

I work as a case management nurse. It’s a multifaceted role that involves a dynamic blend of coordinating between cruise ships, the health facility, port agents, and the patient. My responsibilities include getting a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical condition, assessing the environment they are in, and ensuring they receive the best possible care throughout their journey. 

 I cover a huge range of situations. Whether it’s a psychiatric case or a patient with a heart condition, ultimately, I handle the logistics of their case and coordinating their journey home safely and comfortably for a seamless handover at their destination. 


Do you have a specialism or a specialist interest? 

While my main background is in anaesthetics and scrub nursing in operating theatres, my experiences in remote areas have shaped me into a more versatile nurse. I’ve taken on responsibilities in the wards, emergency departments, and clinics. 


What do you enjoy most about your role?  

One aspect of this job that brings me immense satisfaction is providing reassurance to patients, especially when they find themselves far from home. It’s nice when everything is set up, and they’re ready to go, and you can tell that they’re just so happy to be getting home. Providing that reassurance in challenging situations is very satisfying.  

I love challenges and the ability to think on my feet and so working with diverse cases is definitely a passion for me that I get to explore at MedResQ.