MedResQ provides a complete medical claims management solution that can be tailored to meet our client’s specific obligations to their employees or insured. Our medical claims are managed seamlessly from the point we are notified, and we provide direct support from our medical assistance team right through until a patient is repatriated and any necessary follow-up care is concluded.   

MedResQ is particularly experienced in handling complex medical claims involving patients from all over the world. Many of our clients are international organisations with employees coming from Central and South East Asia as well as the USA and Europe. We work with a trusted network of global partners to ensure we have local experts on the ground to assist us with cost containment, admissions and a follow-up care plan.   

Case Study – Indonesian Patient with a Spinal Injury in South Africa  

An Indonesian crew member working on board a Cargo Ship suffered a fall from height, resulting in significant spinal trauma. The crew member was transferred by helicopter to Durban, South Africa, where a direct payment agreement was set up by MedResQ with a large local hospital with a neurosurgical capability. The crew member required urgent surgery to stabilise an L1 vertebrae fracture. Once stable and after a period of recovery, MedResQ coordinated repatriation back to the patient’s home city, Jakarta, with a nurse medical escort on a commercial airline.   

Prior to the repatriation, MedResQ arranged a transfer and follow-up admission at a specialist spinal injuries unit in Jakarta, where the patient was re-evaluated and recommended for a period of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. MedResQ continued to monitor the patient’s progress and provided regular reports and updates to his employer. Once the patient reached a point of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), our medical team carefully reviewed his case and recommended that he undergo his pre-employment medical assessment (PEME) to determine his fitness to return to work.   

MedResQ manages the whole claim from the point of notification right through until its conclusion, ensuring that the client met their obligations under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 for the provision of medical care to seafarers.