The phrase ‘go the extra mile’ has become somewhat of a cliché in business over the years. In the world of international medical assistance however ‘going the extra mile’ can have very real and even life changing consequences for patients. At Med ResQ we have repeatedly seen the difference that taking the time to go that bit further can have on the outcome of a case. For us, going the extra mile is not about one big gesture, it is about taking the time to continually review and reflect on each patient’s situation as it progresses and asking ourselves, is there anything more we can do to help improve this patient’s care and long term outcome?

For us, going the extra mile may mean something as simple as arranging a hospital visit by a translator to help patients feel more comfortable and better understand what is happening whilst at the same time dropping off some books or magazines in their own language to help pass the time. It often means taking extra time to chat to patients over the phone, to reassure them and listen to their needs. It may also mean constantly chasing hospital staff, embassy and immigration officials to expedite information, permits and visas to avoid any unnecessary delays when organising a repatriation. For us going that extra mile is about attention to detail, always doing the small things well and asking ourselves, what would we do if this was a member of our family?